‘Raw Bars’ , born Bhungane Hadebe in Johannesburg, Gauteng May 1997 (Age 19) began writing/composing music at the age of 9. After he moved from Johannesburg to Kempton Park Bars was exposed to a different culture of music, which intrigued him to follow up on the Hip Hop movements around the Eastrand. Having being influenced by Eastrand based rappers, Bars felt that he could also be part of the movement, however he faced alot of challenges within the duration of his come up, convincing older dudes to share a stage with him etc. After years of consistency Bars managed  to capture a fairly sufficient crowd of followers on social networking sites which has expanded gradually throughout the years.


One of Bars’ remarkable moments was when he shared a stage with fellow Eastrand artist ‘Priddy Ugly’. Since then he has created a buzz for his brand and appeared/featured on several projects with producers like ‘Soulshangaan’ ; ‘Snake -Jee’ ; ‘Mel V Narrow’ to list a few.  Raw Bars has dropped a couple of singles on streaming site Soundcloud , which have created much hype around the artist and have received great response/reviews, Raw Bars is currently working on he’s latest  project, a 8 track EP titled  “Conscious Trap EP” which is due to be released mid 2016. The Eastrand based artist aims to get his art exposed to foreign lands and change how the S.A hip hop scene is received, through his distinctive flows, infectious beats and honest lyricism. “I’m gonna be the best to ever do it”, the artist says.

Listen to his latest song below.