Frana on the left
Lebzito on the right

Pretoria based duo formed by two music veterans, Lebogang ‘Lebzito’ Nkwana and Franz ‘Frana’ Mogale. The two, also known as SOLDIERS OF HOUSE met in 2002 through local mutual friends that had a common sense of music. Like any other DJ/Producer, they both started at a young age as Backroom DJ’s and beat makers before they got exposed to the real club scenes. They worked as individuals while they acquired knowledge on sound, as well as the business side of the music industry and music production. In 2005 they put together what they’ve been working on as individuals into a 12 Track demo compilation they had distributed among peers and local house music consumers just to get people’s views on their musical experience, and the name “Soldiers of House” was eventually suggested. The response they got from the demo was overwhelming and kept them in a perfect position to face the harsh industry.

DISCOGRAPH (ABwalk/Soldiers of House)

Soldiers of House ft. Zakhele Mabena – She’s A Horse: FAADA
DJ Bullet ft. Olona – Mamela (SOH AB Dub Mix): 0152 Records
Soldiers of House – Crazy Soldiers: FAADA/Next Dimensions
Busi Mhlongo – Goat Song (Soldiers of House Remix): Melt 2000
Busi Mhlongo – Uganga (Soldiers of House Remix): Melt 2000
Busi Mhlongo – Yaphel’imaliyami(SOH Dub Mix): Melt 2000
Busi Mhlongo – Ngadlalwa Yindonda(SOH AB Dub Mix): Melt 2000
Soldiers of House – Scheme Projects: S.O.H Entertainment
ABwalk ft. Howard – So Insane: Deeptone Recording
DJ Harris ft. D’vine – Get Down (ABwalk Remix): Peng Afrika
DJ Harris ft. D’vine – Get Down (SOH Remix): Peng Afrika
Blackjean & Kevin Visto ft. Austin T – Keep on Dancing (ABwalk Jazz Cafe Mix): Peng Afrika
Jazzanova ft. Thief – Lie (SOH AB Reworked Mix): Sonar Kollective
Black Coffee ft. Soulstar – Rock My World(ABwalk Remix): Foliage Records
ABwalk ft. Howard – Better Than Wine: House Afrika

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