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Meet Anderson .Paak


Anderson .Paak | PXY Magazine
Anderson .Paak | PXY Magazine

Hailing from Oxnard, California is hip-hop, R&B, and soul musician Brandon Anderson Paak, otherwise formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy. The Prince of many trades set the internet ablaze following his stellar performance on Dr.Dre’s long-anticipated project Compton having made six contributions on the album as well as being the only artist to be featured by himself on the track “Animals” co-produced with the legendary DJ Premier. But it must be said that the multi-dimensional artist was carving gems prior to his milestones as seen & heard on Compton. Predominantly known by his stage name, Anderson .Paak, he serves as one half of the super A Team producer crew NxWorries which he forms with Philadelphia’s sample-flipping beat magician Knxwledge which is signed to the prestigious StonesThrow Records. Their song ‘Suede’ is what raised Dre’s interest in the homey. Paak has five solo projects under his belt stemming from 2010 with his debut album, Venice, having been released in 2014 under O.B.E and Steel Wool records. Paak also has a collaborative project with the Blended Babies dubbed The Anderson.Paak EP which is worth getting a spin on your systems.

For more info on Paak see the link below.: www.andersonpaak.com