PSX_20150719_091133(new)BeastRand is a urban entertainment brand that promotes different types of art within the youth.
BeastRand is a brand conceptualised by young group of friends who are working within the industry.
We are young full of energy and in a weird way naive when it comes to our abilities,we still believe in living forever and travelling a path that is less travelled.
BeastRand is a lifestyle brand for the young and vibrant that consists of artists,producers,comedians,models,photographers,film makers and actors who work together in the field of entertainment.
The brand itself is not based on a particular personality but rather a attitude and a way of life thus the term #ItsABeastRandThing #BeastRandForever

Working hard,playing hard and being conscious of our goals and dreams.
Through positive engagement with our arts we plan to make a change within the industry,our community and the country at large.
The support given and received by the different members of BeastRand is based on the friendships built amongst each other.

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Music from the east rand is raw and rugged we don’t believe in sugar coating our music and appearance,what you is what you get.
Real music no gimmicks,there’s no peace just war and purpose and finally the east has a purpose again to rise above all under one flag

Meet The BeastRand Team