Boitumelo Sejeng-Mudau also known as Tumi B Sejeng-Mudau has been nominated Best Backing Vocalist for the Ingoma Awards, alongside Joyce Shirinda, Muzie Xulu and Ithemba LeAfrica. Her nomination has since set Facebook ablaze by her friends, family and fans – who have been campaigning for her since the news of the nomination was announced.

Born into a musical family, and with her mother – Rejoice Mukumela, being a well-known gospel singer in Venda, it was only natural for Boitumelo to express herself through the powerful sound of gospel music.

Boitumelo’s career began at a tender age of 6, when she started singing at churches and weddings. Her talent was recognised by her peers and teachers from the moment she started primary school and right through to high school – where she was labelled, “the next Idol”. Boitumelo says growing up in Gauteng has exposed her to a number of different cultures that continue to inspire her musical journey.

Her professional career began in 1998, when she sang backing vocals for her mother. Boitumelo says from then on she never looked backed. She eventually began singing as a backing vocalist  for artists such as Worship House (a well-known gospel group), Lufuno Dagada, Mpho Regalo, Rudolf Mabasa, Takie Psalmist Ndou, Rofhiwa Manyaga, Lufuno Buda Mudau, Avis, Thili Maumela, Bukiwe, Mpho Mutula, David Dee, Lebo Tisane “Elle”, Darlene Tharage, Pastor KO Tshifura and various other gospel artists.

Boitumelo, who has now been singing for close to 17 years, says being a backing vocalist has made a tremendous impact on her musical career, for that’s where her growth and humility emerged. She has been privileged enough to share a stage with Solly Mahlangu, Takie Psalmist Ndou, Rofhiwa Manyaga, Thabelo Thavhanyedza and Phuluso Thenga on an event were she was invited to sing as a solo artist.

“The nomination means the world to me as it indicates that I am being recognised for the work I have done over the past years. Being a backing vocalist is not an easy job; you basically have to take the brand and make it yours and automatically give birth to the passion and the love for that particular brand. However, what has humbled me the most is the actual support I am getting in terms of the voting is concerned. I never knew I was loved and appreciated so much it’s really a blessing and I thank God for each and every one who has taken time to campaign and vote for me.” , she added.

Up to date Boitumelo has no CD under her name, but has plans to record her first solo album. We at PXY are expecting big things from her, and you should too!