We recently got a chance to sit down with Cardo to find out what to expect from the young star. A Few questions were asked on our end to just get some insight from the rising star.

1. Word on the streets is you recently walked away from a multi million rand record deal. Do you mind elaborating on that?

I own my own company. The situation you’re speaking about was an agreement between my company and another (who’s name I can’t mention). What I can say is, my fans are the multi million deal you speak of.

2. We hear you’re in studio with Maraza and a few other mainstream artists. Can we expect something from CARDO this spring?

Definitely. The people want the music. I’ve been working relentlessly in the studio, working with Maraza, J Smash and Lae. Look out for

3. You recently dropped two singles on soundcloud, ‘Kadupul Flower’ and ‘uDoobie’ a week apart from each other. Can you tell me more about these songs?

The first song (Kadupul Flower) is a tribute to women. Admiring their beauty, their delicate touch and protecting them. The second song (uDoobie) is for all my stoners.

4. What happened between you and Priddy Ugly?

Who’s that?

5. What’s next for CARDO?

I’m hungry. I’m In studio daily making the kind of music that even shocks me sometimes. Expect more music, more visuals and just all round grind.⁠⁠⁠⁠


New music alert✈

Cardo – uDoobie ft Blxck-Mosxs (prod. Fenesse x Yourboyskillz)

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