Celebrate The Plume With Twisp

There is nothing more exciting then exhaling a giant plume of smoke or in this case, a giant plume of vapour. Being a Twisper, it is comforting to know that I can make vapour halos without the risk of losing a lung 20 years down the line – oh, and did I mention how bad ass it makes you look? Imagine when someone is explaining an incredibly long story to you and the only reply you give is giant cloud of apple flavoured vapour to their face – can someone say bad ass!?

Celebrate The Plume with Twist
Celebrate The Plume with Twist

After 10 generations of relentless research and development- Twisp seeks to revolutionize e-cigarette technology with their three devices: The Aero,  The SOLO and  The EDGE. Head over to the Twisp website and partake in their super-cool interactive decision making game. Press A, S or E and Discover Your Twisp!

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With all that said, to celebrate the plume, PXY dedicates Twisp’s video that will make you wish you had a Twisp device:

Please see below link to the FAQ’s about Twisp as well as the answers: http://www.twisp.co.za/support/

 Three new devices; Discover Your Twisp !