Where Art Thou?

July 18 2015, Nelson Mandela’s birthday and we chose to spend our 67 minutes at the Turbine Art Fair (TAF), embracing some fine pieces from various local and international artists.

In a time where most young people have little to no interest in visiting art galleries let alone collecting art, it makes one wonder, is this a dying culture?

In pop culture we’ve seen 2 influential rappers display some of their best work in galleries. In 2013 Jay-Z shot the video to his song “Picasso Baby” in an interactive 6 hour session at the Pace Gallery in New York City and most recently- Kanye West premiered his video for “All Day/I Feel Like That” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This stresses importance of art and fusion through music which then helps most find relevance in the whole thing.


If you would’ve told me I would’ve been face-to-face with a Pablo Picasso piece a week ago, I would’ve laughed at the probability but when I heard that the Johannesburg Art Gallery had 2 pieces on display by the legend, I was ecstatic. The event took place over a course of 4-days with various galleries filling out their booths with some of the most prestige art pieces money can buy.

On the topic of money, Thursday the 14th of July was the opening and an invite only for the high rollers, the real enthusiasts who actually purchase art and not some of us window shoppers. Then from Friday it was open to the public allowing the rest of us who also appreciate art to share the experience.


The situation at TAF could be compared to a Sandton City of sorts, most of the galleries showcasing there were from affluent suburbs or the big ones in the city which house very rare, expensive and classic pieces, however there was something for everyone there. Like the mall, there’s your everyday clothing & convenience stores all around which cater for everyone, boutiques for the middle class and then there’s the “Diamond Walk” with the high end fashion houses for the elite and wealthy. There were paintings and pieces in different price ranges from as little as R1500 to as far as your budget can take you.

Don’t ask why, just PXY