A few months later after writing new songs Palesa has decided its time for people out there to hear them and be blessed by what the Lord has laid in his spirit as he is one person who write his own songs. He will be hosting a Live concert where he will be joined by a few artists like Rofhiwa Manyaga, Tiyani maluleke, Tsiko Mal, Lufuno Buda and many more.

As PXY we did an article on Palesa a year ago and since then we have been following him on his career and we have seen him go from strength to strenghth, From a young boy who won the 2nd Annual Star search, to being an independent young gospel artist who is minstering all around. He has not only been ministering around Limpopo but has been travelling to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Mpumalanga and will also be travelling to Northern Cape towards the end of June.

“The journey hasnt been all easy or a walk in the park, challenges have been coming throughout this journey but one thing i can testify on is that God has been good and i have seen him working wonders for my ministry, taking me from glory to another glory and places i never thought i could find myself in the early days of my ministry” said Palesa talking to PXY.


Palesa says he is really looking forward to his concert and guarantees it is going to be a show to remember since he will be doing new songs that people havent heard before, songs that he wrote. On the line up of the show are also great worshipers, people who also write most of their songs as well and that can only mean that people will not be disappointed by hearing things they have been hearing over and over again.

“people will be ushered into the throne of grace, they shall experience the marvelous presence of God and a new season upon their lives as we declare the word of God in our lives through songs” Says Dereal Palesa.

The concert will be happening on the 10th of July 2016 at Matatshe in the Tebarnacle Christ’s Flock Bible Church. do yoursefl a favor, grab your ticket and go experience a new season in the presence of God. For more details you can contact the number on the poster or follow him of social media.