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’A feel good let your guard down atmosphere that makes you wanna dance as if know one is watching’’

This is how DJ StiBO describes herself as a DJ. Never afraid to stick to one genre. Her versatile music selections are her own therapy. Having grown up on her mother’s Reggae sounds such as Bunny Wailer and Beres Hammond with a mix of her sister’s old school 90’s R&B sound with acts such as Dru Hill and Mary J. It all became infused with her own personal taste for Hip Hop and House music. StiBo ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influences. Today this translates to sets that range from House , Hip Hop to reggae and everything in between. Nicola Kagoro aka Dj StiBo is female DJ in the process of turning into a producer.

Having spent parts of her life in cities such as Cape Town and New York this Zimbabwean born DJ found her love for music growing from the age of 18. She managed to pursue her music in Cape Town playing in most of Cape Towns infamous clubs in LongStreet and events such as MCQP. With features on radio stations such Bush Radio and SABC.

When StiBo is not mixing beats she is a professional Vegan Chef. She could not pick between her two loves music and culinary arts so she balances both while running a creative brand she founded African Inspired Dreams. Stibo studied Hospitality in college and taught herself how to DJ and is currently teaching herself production.

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At the moment StiBo has taken a step back from being a club Dj and is focusing on Production and releasing Mixtapes. She plans on releasing her EP in 2017 her programs of choice are Fruityloops and Ableton. Her sound can be described as African Inspired wish a fusion of European House.

StiBo loves playing in nightclubs,house parties and special events. However her passion for arts does not stop there and goes beyond mixing and producing. StiBo has found a way not only to express herself as a Dj but also as a creative empowerer.

As the founder of African Inspired Dreams StiBo aims to build a creative innovative brand that empowers creatives and connects creatives. Mainly putting the spotlight on up and coming unknown creatives in the industry. She focuses on creatives not only in music but also different artistic individuals such as Photographers,Chefs,Fashion designers and anyone else who considers themselves a 21t Century Creative in their respective craft.

StiBo is growing this brand step by step through the power of social media. She is currently developing an online blog-magazine.

In an industry full of sharks StiBo is truly an underdog silently making moves.

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