Eli narrow

South African born and Kempton Park raised Hip Hop artist and producer, Eli Narrow released his Dreams That Never Sleep promo video as a snippet to his upcoming debut EP titled, “Dreams That Never Sleep”.

Eli Narrow has fused with various artists, producers and engineers, including Mel v, Cross Era, Dellz, Lazr Beam and Parley The Great (Parley Aleksander, for the completion project.

“Dreams That Never Sleep” is a 6 track EP by Eli Narrow. The EP is set to be released in the winter of 2015 and is meant to act as prelude into Eli Narrow’s debut album, “The Avenue of Dreams”. The EP features the singles, “Doing Well”, “Ghost” and “E30”.

Watch the “Dreams That Never Sleep promo video” here exclusively on PXY:

Youtube: Eli Narrow

Twitter: @EliNarrow