“What does Fanta taste like?”, asked a wise and mysterious looking stranger, as he flexed his muscles and did splits in the September rains — and did we mention there was lightening streaking everywhere and all that cool stuff.

Gotcha, that’s not what really happened. But we did get an email asking us what Fanta tasted like. Now, I know what you are thinking; Fanta tastes delicious, it tastes like grapes, it tastes like a kiss from Bonang. Some of you might even say; Fanta tastes like acing your drivers licence on your first try, with hardly any mistakes and without giving the testing official your Fanta *wink, wink*.

We thought really long and hard about it, and we came up with this; Fanta tastes like a good time with your friends, it tastes like kids playing in the township. Something tangible, something relatable. It tastes likes YOUR everyday moments.

So another question arose, how do we show you what Fanta tastes like?

Through a video of an epic dance, duh!

Now, even though it was hard for us to turn down Chris Brown and Beyonc√©’s plea to be in video. We wanted, as mentioned above, to make the video relatable. So we decided to follow one of our PXY member, Decoy and a couple of his friends around for a day, and this is what we got on video:


Yes, yes, they did all that spontaneously, we didn’t stage manage them or anything like that.

The Creation Process

The creation process wasn’t easy and some might even say it was tough. We went through a lot of back and forths, and a lot of missed opportunities, and a lot salty stares from the mysterious, muscle flexing, splits guy – heck there where even moments when some of our eyes got sweaty. But we pulled it off, with the help of some of the East Rand’s greatest creatives around – PXY bows to your chi, guys!

No, I am not crying, I am dabbing.
No, I am not crying, I am dabbing.

“No, I am not crying, I am dabbing.”
Rounding things up. I hope we answered the question; Fanta tastes like friendship, it tastes better with friends, it tastes like an epic dance topped with a dab.

And lastly, a big shout out to the muscle guy, let’s enrich our throats with a nice cold Fanta, friend!

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