Grey Matters

Everything that was ever created started with a simple idea in someone’s head. It started as a wish, went on to being a concept but just before execution it went through stages of scrutiny and doubt. Our minds are the most powerful tools that we possess but I have come to a realisation that many girls out there allow people to “think” for them. We allow for society to tell us what is acceptable, we give away so much of our power to people who do not know us at all. We end up following trends and ways that aren’t who we really are, we become apologetic for what we really want to become.

Everything starts with an idea and ideas are brewed within the grey matter that we all possess. All that matters, your dreams and aspirations as a young girl is formed in your mind but at first, all that it is is just grey and white blurbs that probably won’t matter if you do nothing about it.

Every piece of information is processed through our grey matter really does matter. We cannot sit back as young women and expect somebody else to dream for us, live for us or even wish the best for us if we can’t do it ourselves.

The grey areas really do matter. As young girls, we tend to overlook the power that we hold, the power that we hold to change ourselves. As it was once said the hardest prison to escape is in your mind. The mind is a beautiful servant, yet it can be a dangerous master.

Everything starts with you, young woman living in South Africa. It has been 40 years since the Soweto student uprising. We have been living in a democratic South Africa for a little over 20 years but yet we are faced with enormous challenges, challenges that our mothers also went through as young women but we have somewhat of an added factor because we are the digital generation, the generation that turns to social media for a “way” of life.

Don’t let anybody steer you away from your dreams, we are not fighting the same battles our mothers fought. We are the millennials fighting new battles, so surely we are allowed to dream beyond our circumstances but it all starts with you.At that very point when you become apologetic and start playing safe to make others comfortable, that is the very moment when your grey matter turns into nothing that matters at all.

Challenge yourself to do everything to the best of your ability, channel your mind to break all barriers and stereotypes that are holding you captive.

Going into this platform I would like you as a young woman living in the ‘’new’’ South Africa to never be apologetic for who you are and for the person you are working on becoming. Because in the end, those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

What I am trying to get at is that our minds are the most powerful tools that we possess. It is a tool that we need to utilise because it is, after all, a beautiful servant and a dangerous master. So often we give our power away to men without even being aware. We so often expect others to think for us and tell us what’s best for our own being.

‘’We live in a world where man has walked on the moon and it is not a miracle, we just decided to go’’ –  Jim Lovell

With that said, every small matter starts within the grey matter because our dreams are valid and we need no permission to make them come true.

You probably wondering what the topic for this week is. Well, it is not much of a topic but I would like every one of our followers to share their dreams. You’re probably thinking this is so simple but I would like every girl to share the dreams that you were told will never come true by your family or even friends. I just want it to serve as a reminder that it is possible…no matter what.

Welcome to 90s Girls

Tshegofatso Taunyane