A Letter from SnazZy B:LDPM

“On this project I am telling a story of my life in Phomolong,  It’s not
only about me ,I use my art to also tell stories of others who can’t tell
it for themselves,  I believe with this project I can be able to empower
the people surrounding me, and others to say “if you believe in something,
work on it doesn’t let the world tell you otherwise ” .
As much as I get inspired by other people who came from disadvantaged
backgrounds, I want to also inspire my peers ,to tell/show them that you
don’t need to be rich in order for you to get to your dreams.
When you listen to this project,  you will different feelings from each
song, it’s a bright that you can vibe on and also catch something from the
You will notice that the whole project is produced by one person “FriendlyDeep
” Funny thing is that this was not planned , we only realised it when the
project was done .

SnazZy B | PXY Magazine
SnazZy B- Long Days In The PM

This is the same guy that worked all day and night with me to find a new
sound and we shared a vision for this project. I have to say working on this project was not easy but I enjoyed every the moment , special thanks to my family and friends  for holding me down on every step that I take , special thanks to Veneration SuperStarz  (TuxX
Beats, Gee Mano and Friendly ).

Special thanks to Minora for believing so much in my music, a huge shout out to Frank Casino and Menti  for taking their time to help me paint this beautiful picture.”


We’ll definitely have LDPM once it drops, so long;

Stream ‘Lookin Around’ by Snazzy B here: