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Living in a world that lacks authenticity, being you seems like more of a task than normality. Doing things according to tried and tested formulas; No one is really who they say they are. Here is the exception. Twenty 28 old Lucas Namuramba was born in Johannesburg, 15, March, 1988 moved to Midrand, relocated to Tshwane and wound up in Olievenhoutbosch in 1996, the township that he claims and puts on his back. He is an African emcee and visual communicator; he coined the term Visual Poet to embody what he does. His method to excellence and success: 100% authenticity and dedication.

“My days of fabricating rhymes and design to fit in are over, I craft what I relate to, because you’ll never really know how people are going to respond to what you put out, but I know that people will gravitate towards my craft because we all have similar stories and eish doing this by not being true to yourself and you lose at the end of the day is even worse.”

Raised in a single parent household along with his brother and sister, Lucas witnessed hard work at first hand.

“The thing I learned growing up is that you have to work hard for everything you need in life and the without dedication and discipline one might never really reach their true potential”.

This is the principle that he carries with him to this day Lucas began taking his creativity serious at age sixteen when he began participating in the arts in school and his brother introduced him to the world of advertising.

“I began rapping and writing with friends in high school and getting involved in the arts as well and knowing that I can actually be creative and have a meal on my table.”

Years later and he finds himself wanting to compete at a level that most have yet to even break the surface of. He expresses this that music and art are the things that have been around his whole life and been synonymous with him and leading him to launch two startups which are Currency Heist and Uzkapile.

“Creativity represents consistency wherever I go, so my craft has been with me as I grow as a person and as an artist because this is not work for me, it’s a lifestyle, and I’m good at it,” says Lucas.

One who is normally an extremely quiet person turns the contrary when in the studio which he describes as his therapy.


There are those who speak change, those who seek change and several who boast of change. Then there comes a phenomenon, a chosen group or individual who revolutionize change and create their own set of rules in the process. Lucas Namuramba a Johannesburg born and raised lyricist and visual artist signed to newly formed recording luxury brand Currency Heist has set out to raise the bar in South African music by bringing in a more edgy versatility as well as combining old with the new sounds in music to creating music for the people, inspired by the people.

His first and recent project, “KING” will be released under Currency Heist, which is a brand, is creating African luxury products and items to inspire the world in the finer things of life from apparel and accessories created with the African aesthetic. The album will combine traditional Hip Hop sonic sounds with an edgy sound re-shaping the cultures sound in Africa as he states

“this is canvass from good to great in any person’s life, the decision to better you and strive for excellence, I would like to take people on a journey with my music, not just on the album but my career”.

He is working with exclusively two producers who are Louis M Songz and Uni-VERSE to paint his audio and visual canvass for the world.

RUSH TO BLOW FEATURING KAT MAKS KING EP Leading Single Rush To Blow Featuring Kat Maks The first single by the Lucas Visual Poet Namuramba signed to Currency Heist leading to his debut EP KING. Description The concept is a young man who is ambitious and determined to make his dreams a reality no matter the challenges and circumstances as he says

“I would like to take people on a journey with my music. We all aspire for something and strive toward what we believe in; I represent greatness in the making, a proudly South African form of greatness”

Produced by Mpho Louis Manganye Mastered by Maxwell Melow Engineered and Mixed by Mpho Louis Manganye at Pusha Mo Entertainment Composed By Lucas Namuramba Katlego Makena Mpho Louis Manganye Record Label Currency Heist (Pty) Ltd Published by: SAMRO

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