Hip Hop is a rapidly growing genre of music in our country, with many talented stars on the rise.

You will of course expect record labels to be on the lookout for the young stars who are set to make a difference with their offerings, one of these stars being Masana ‘Cardo’ Mbhalati, known to many by his stage name Cardo.

Mabala Noise approached Cardo. Offering him a deal for 2.5M . A 3 year contract that included a house, greyhound tour bus and any car of his choice. Unfortunately the offer was rejected because they wanted full ownership of Cardo’s masters and 80% of every cent he makes from music and because he was already considering taking the offer from SONY SA, which was for 1M and 70% ownership of his masters.

The SONY SA contract is a 5 year deal. The problem is that A&R agents from Mabala Noise heard about the offer SONY SA gave Cardo and they’re threatening to blackball his career in music if he takes the SONY SA deal.

These record labels are clearly Fighting For Cardo’s Signature making this a Mabala and Sony Battle For Cardo.