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Born in the east of Johannesburg and currently residing in the city, Kabizn&Genius, a duo whose full names are Karabo Matlatsi and Siphesihle Sithungu; combine musical elements from various genres into one, to create a distinct sound as well as tell a story through their music.

Karabo, the house music DJ and Sihle, the pianist believe that their music is the kind that “liberates”, consisting of different piano keys as well as electronic elements with a touch of percussion; it will definitely appeal to the masses but also serve a greater purpose for society in the long run.

Debut single, Zimbarisio tells the story of a girl who becomes lost in the midst of the events she is surround by. However, after careful reflection labout what has become of her and her life; together with the realisation that she has a role to fulfill. Zim returns home to her roots- on a mission to put the pieces of the puzzle together, with the help of her darling father.

Zimbarisio has an infusion of heavy elements that create an intense mood but is also celebratory of a joyous occasion as it marks the beginning of being liberated.

Allow for Kabzin&Genius to take you on a musical journey with Zimbarisio; join in the journey of being liberated as you follow the story of only the first of many hits.              

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