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We can’t deny that it’s been a very dope year thus far for hip-hop. Action Bronson dropped Mr.Wonderful and the world titled off its axis a bit. Earl Sweatshirt dropped I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside and those who rode that wave bugged out. Kendrick Lamar, needless to say, flipped the script upside down and re-wired minds & speakers alike. Retch dropped Finesse The World and it’s had the streets (whether hood or suburban) going wild. And thanks to the internet we have been able to gain undeniable access to all these projects and more. It goes without saying that there’s a lot of people contributing to the scene, all with hopes of arguable reaching a much wider audience than they already have. One of those gifted individuals from the litter box goes by the name J’Von.

source: potholesinmyblog.com
source: potholesinmyblog.com

Born in Oakland, California, but raised in Seattle, this 23 year old mind-boggling lyricist burns his time either making music that is most definitely worth hearing (both as a lyricist and producer), drawing, or making videos. It is not the greatest of cardinal sins if you sleeping on this cool dude, I too was once asleep but, by the powers that be, thankfully got woken up. By roaming around on producer Ackryte’s SoundCloud page the gods above proclaimed “thou shall place thy ears onto Raw Sheep” (a collaborative effort between J’Von & Ackryte which was released March 30th of this year), and as the universe would have it I let J’Von and Ackryte own my ears at that very point. As a result of this I went and dug deeper into J’Von’s past works and came across three projects, namely: The Left EP, which was done with music producer LAKIM; Penguin Jazz, done with Ackryte; and Aqua, also done with Ackryte.

From the projects listed above I traveled through the mind of J’Von and got to see the world through his own sounds. Melancholic to a considerable degree, his sound and lyrics could make the perfect soundtrack to a good guy’s life who is foolishly blinded by his virtues in a world that is in reality cold and dark. Now not to say that is a bad thing, not at all. In an arena where most people speak on the events of the streets and clubs it is undeniably refreshing to come across an artist whose music pulls at the strings of your emotions.

source: J'Von's bandcamp
source: J’Von’s bandcamp

In an interview done with FelFelosophy J’Von termed his music as Gloom-Bap which he describes as music that is “hopeful but very realistic”, his following comment in closing to the explanation is what carries weight and signifies his awareness, J’Von states that “the world is dark brush”. The world is indeed dark, and amidst the glory sold to us in the form of short-lived moments of bliss we need music that sees things from an entirely different angle. J’Von is that dude who puts words together in a wizardly manner to tell tales of hurt and self-doubt in a manner that may possibly give you palpitations. The reality that J’Von’s lyrics draws from is one that many can relate to. On the song titled Jstfornow which came off the Left EP J’Von raps, “Carpet red girl lit the world up but it’s dark instead/ Beauty you abuse it, lies live on your two lips/ And I lose it ‘coz all you get is love-me-nots from a tulip”. A story shared by many, hidden by the momentary bliss that is all things good. It would not hurt you (or so I hope) to go through this homeys discography and see a piece of yourself in one of his stories, listed below are links to all his projects.

J’Von & LAKIM- The Left EP




J’Von & Ackryte- The Penguin Jazz EP


J’Von & Ackryte- AQUA EP


J’Von & Ackryte- Raw Sheep


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