Mtshali B adds his voice to Fees Must Fall

Mtshali B an upcoming artist from Johannesburg has added his voice to the current fee crisis facing the country. He is also a victim of the fee crisis as he was forced to halt his music degree due to fees. He will be releasing his song titled ‘Fees must fall’ featuring Tripo J from Zambia who too is passionate about education. Mtshali B is a vocalist and activist with a keen interest in issues affecting our country, he believes that music is a medium that can invoke interest and get the message across melodically. He reiterates that this song is only the beginning and there is a documentary being compiled. He founded a movement call ‘Tunaendawapi’ which is Swahili for – where are we heading, but more specifically as the youth of Africa. The song will be released on 7th March 2016 and will be available on iTunes and the google play store.

Mtsali BMtshali B – Fees Must Fall | Download link

Music Video

Mtshali B ft Tripo J – Fees Must Fall Official Music Video