At the age of 22, Palesa Ravele has  achieved a lot in a short space of time and his persistence has seen him live out his dreams. Born and bred in a small village of Itsani, Venda, he rose to fame when he won The Rofhiwa Gospel Star Search Competition. Palesa tried to enter the competition in 2012 and was unsuccessful, but the setback didn’t stop  him from chasing his dreams. Palesa re-entered the competition in 2013 and was crowned the winner, and as part of the prize he received a recording deal and managed to record his very first album titled “Ndi Yeso fhedzi”, which was launched on the 10th of May 2014.

“Since I won The Gospel Star Search Competition my musical journey is growing. God is taking me from glory to glory in his name, I have been travelling all around Venda evangelizing through worship. I have sold 2500 copies of my CD to date; I have been invited to over 40 shows around Venda. On the 5th December 2014, I was featured in the live recording DVD of Tseremuka. I was also featured on Rofhiwa Manyaga’s live recording on the 5th April 2015 for the Easter celebration.” – Palesa tells PXY.

The last born from a family of 7, Palesa says growing up was not easy as he had to face a lot challenges, but none bigger then the dream of becoming a gospel singer. He started singing at a very young age and throughout his musical journey he has learnt to play various musical instruments, such as the piano, the guitar as well as the drums.

Palesa has tought people both his age and younger how to sing and play musical instruments. He says this does not only help keep the youth off the streets, but also help identify the talent that is hidden in small villages.

Throughout his musical journey he has shared the stage with well known artists such as Solly Mahlangu, Takie Ndou, Mpho Regalo, Lufuno Dagada, Tumi-B and Muvhuso Masakona. He is now planning to do a Tour around Venda to promote his music and is also thinking of making a live DVD recording.

“In life I have learnt that when you really want something you must not allow any setbacks to discourage you, this I say, because I entered The Rofhiwa Gospel Star Search Competition in 2012 and was not successful, I re-entered in 2013, because I don’t allow setbacks to discourage me from achieving my goals.” – Palesa told PXY as the interview drew to close.