After the dust settles- there will always be questions about the cause of the torrent. This time the torrent assumed the role of Priddy Ugly‘s latest offering; the official music video for his new track titled Cocaine Ghost.

Produced by Wichi 1080– this offering boasts quality and is no short of a banger. Although the song is unmistakably a hit, its the combination of the music and the incredible visuals that accompany the track which gave rise to my investigative nature. I needed to find out what it was that inspired the video and what was the process of conception. Who better than the director of the video, Nkululekho DNA Lebambo, and the artist; Priddy Ugly.

dna video director

DNA stated :

When we first conceptualised The Cocaine Ghost Film our aim was to create a holistic and a well-rounded art piece. We really wanted the visuals and the music to have synergy but not in the normal conventional structure.

The entire film stems from a non-existing concept so everything had to be a new experience and we wanted people to understand that craftsmanship and creation of new ideas is not a taboo issue in the hip-hop industry.

Our message was to show that South African Musicians and Filmmakers can collaborate and create an art piece that we can call our own.

priddy ugly cocaine ghost


Priddy Ugly stated:

What I’D like the audience to take from Cocaine Ghost and the whole campaign, is that you can make something very non-conventional, conventional. Viewers, supporters, peers, fellow artists must look at Cocaine Ghost as a platform for them,  an indication that there isn’t boundaries, that we don’t have to conform to what the industry deems standard.

I want it to encourage fans to appreciate art, and encourage fellow artist stretch the bounds of their creative space, to think out the box and give their supporters a body of work that their supporters can appreciate, and share because they love the work, and not because they are loyal to the artist.

In short, I want us to produce and  appreciate quality, and creativity, myself and Nkululekko Lebambo stressed this, and Cocaine Ghost is a testament of that.


In my opinion, Priddy Ugly and his entire production team have managed to produce a body of work that boasts quality and creativity.

Watch the Official Cocaine Ghost Music video and formulate your own opinion.

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