New Jersey rapper, Bert Wynder, released his 22 track mixtape titled  ‘Best of The Best‘ in June this year.

This is Bert’s 6th offering and it seems he did it all alone. Throughout the tape- the listener gets the clear idea that Bert has a point to prove, he wants to be the best.

Bert  recalls: I wrote my first rhyme listening to a Snoop Dogg  track and my brother told me: YO MAN YOU AIN’T GOTTA SAY A CURSE WORD EVERYTIME YOU RHYME, USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE IT TAKES MORE SKILLS TO RHYME WITHOUT CURSING. From then on I practiced and sharpened my skills. 1997 Would be the year that changed everything. I finally found a style that would be challenged. “I still remember my first battle like it were yesterday. I had wrote a verse to “IT’S YOURS” BY THE WU-TANG CLAN and I spat it for my boys when it was done. My boy Lyn Lyn told me I was wack and wanted to battle me the next day.

Bert is a busy rapper, self proclaimed ‘Trendsetter’. Taking part in local hip hop events and cyphers even designing his own pair of hand-crafted sneakers.

Listen to Bert’s music and tel us what you think: Best of The Best Mixtape

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