Na Zdorovie- a Polish expression meaning “Cheers” (‘to your health’ in Russian)- is a 6 track EP by  21 year old rapper Francois Dillinger, a.k.a. The Messenger.

This projects was released in April and is said to be a prelude to the Soweto born rapper’s debut mixtape; Growing Pains. From Francois’ earlier releases the listener can tell that Francois has a story to tell. His delivery, diction and blatant story telling somehow put a view of his life into perspective. Once in a while a rapper that isn’t about gimmicks or punchlines emerges- not that gimmicks or punchline rappers aren’t worth anything, but you can admit that a rapper constantly reminding you ‘how many throats they slay behind a mic’ can get tedious, not to mention fake.

Sometimes a listener would like to connect with an artist- and Francois Dillinger has managed to allow that connection, with Na Zdorovie. He paints a picture his life fueled by Russian liquor, narcotics and women from the North of Johannesburg, where he and his crew MMF SON operate.

The EP is mainly produced by SIBERIAN IMPERIAL and Charlie Brxwn and allows for a smooth listening experience, except the 5th track on the EP. 1804 (Produced by Chxrlie Brxwn) is an anthem for his hood, Orlando West and, in my opinion, could qualify as the soundtrack for a Project X Armageddon!

Overall the EP was well executed and is certainly worth a listen, and then some.

When asked about visuals for the project Francois answered:

I’ll be shooting in December, so early next year. For any enquiries  email:


Listen to one of my favorite tracks by Francois Dillinger- The Message.