If it’s the original boom bap mixed with real raps you’re searching for, Joburg based musicians Daev Martian and Daddy managed to serve that with their KOJ EP. KOJ EP is a 5 song EP and features the debut of collaborative efforts by Daev Martian & Daddy.

The word KOJ is an acronym which stands for “King Of (the) Jungle”, and sees the artists put a twist
on the plot of “the lion” being the king of the jungle. The EP tells a story of a gorilla by the name of
KOJ and the mood set by the music creates a space age, atmospheric feel with elements of soul, jazz and fusion.

Primarily produced by Daev Martian, this EP boasts Daev’s all authentic, jazzy production combined with Daddy’s raw, story based lyricism and features two instrumentals taken from producers SAMIYAM and Pharrell Williams who is a big inspiration to both artists.

The guys at Guerilla King Music have a wide variety of mixtapes, photos and videos that are  easily accessible on their website. Their focus on quality and execution makes it easy for a potential fan to associate with the brand, these are no rookies.

Listen to this EP, twice, without using the ‘FFWD’ button.

1. GMA (intro) [prod. Daev Martian]
2. ManApe [prod. Daev Martian]
3. My Buddy [prod. Sam I Am]
4. Titus [prod. Daev Martian]
5. You Can Do It 3 [prod. Pharrell Williams]

For more information on GKM and their artists visit: http://www.guerillakingmusic.com/

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