Lennox Somhlahlo AKA Lenny_K is a 19 year old rapper from Butterworth, Eastern Cape. Lenny started out as part of duo Blk Arte, which saw them release an EP in 2013 titled INCEPTION.

This lead to Lenny_K releasing a solo debut project titled The Kool-Ade Vol.1, which debuted on datpiff.com and is set to be followed up by T.K.A Vol.2.

This fourteen (14) track mixtape was described by Lenny as:  14 Track detail of my life. Past. Present and Future.  With each track on the tape, Lenny lets the listener in on his journey of life.

With highly minimal usage of the ‘Next Track’ option- which is either attributed to the selection of beats, the seamless storytelling or the combination of the two- I had to ask Lenny about his inspiration for The Kool Ade series. His response:

The inspiration behind the Kool Ade series was telling my story in a matter of two ways. One being The Kool and the other being The Ade. How materialistic stuff will always have an impact in your real life, you know?

Concerned with consistency- I asked Lenny about the second installment of the series and if we should have any expectations thereof:

Volume 2 is dropping early next year, man. Just good music, growth, better sound quality, just me growing as an artist and telling the Ade of the story, that’s all.

The tape features a few rappers and an appearance by JHB based producer SIBERIAN IMPERIAL.

All I told Lenny was that he shouldn’t quit rapping.


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One of my favourite cuts on the tape: Puff & Pass