It seems that the world has a lot to say and everyone is in on the chat. As if the constant growth of social media is not enough to express our emotions, we still find the need to express ourselves to the public in our everyday lives. The boarders of chatting to a particular person or Instagramming your photo to 3000 of your followers is just not enough. We want the world to hear it, and we want them to understand us the first time round. Whether it is a word, a slogan or even a phrase – the World should just relate.

When I say the word “Flawless” the first person that comes to your mind is Beyoncé. If you don’t know that then you are not apart of the influence and early adopters of Pop Culture… I mean who doesn’t know that “ I Woke Up Like This”. That sentence alone has stemmed globally across even some of the most remote areas and those who embrace it are known to be socially acceptable and thus part of the culture.

eslvycfThe rise of social media and being limited to only 146 characters on Twitter has set a worldwide trend that allows for influencers and trend setters to coin phrases and words that set off on a social frenzy. Pop Culture has become more evident as an influence on Fashion and trends, proving that no longer are the trends set by the Elite they are now set by the musician, the artist, the actor or, the cool cat on the street who adopted an early phenomenon and spread it in his community that some how was adopted by Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang and is now walking done the runway at a New York Fashion Show, Or on the collection of the latest upcoming South African Designers.
Alexander WangThe trend is out there people. You can now express yourself on a T-shirt, a Phone cover a back pack, a bumper stick and even through a tattoo if you’re willing. Gone are the days where printed text T’s where for the loser at the corner bar with a pot belly, the pendulum swings and this time it’s the high street fashion at the forefront of endorsing this.by_flawlessiphone_case_1