XstraterrestriaL is a three track EP by Kempton Park based rapper Solve The Problem.

Sent to me via Bluetooth in a taxi (somewhere in Kempton Park) by Solve The Problem himself, the second track on the ep- and possibly the highlight of the project- Space Jam has dominated my playlist. His lyrical content and delivery make him an artist you’d want to listen to.


Produced by 808x, the EP offers the listener an easyand enjoyable listening experience. The music is well produced and the quality of the EP is substantial. The only disadvantage of this entire project is its length. I understand the concept of ‘testing the waters’ or ‘leaving room for anticipation’ but just as you tune land on the XstraterrestriaL terrain, the outro starts playing.

Overall this EP is worth the listen, and then some!

Follow Solve the Problem on Twitter and download the XstraterrestriaL EP below:

Track 1: Vagabonds (Prod by 808x)

Track 2: Space Jam (Prod by 808x)

Track 3: Blue Moon (Prod by 808x)