Johannesburg Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated and talked about fashion events which happens twice every year. With famous faces seated in the front row of every fashion show, we are all always looking forward to what our sensational local designers are cooking up and are ready to show us on the runway.

Of course, your fashion editor would keep you guys in the loop of the hottest looks and trends for men that were showcased down the runway this season.

With bright beauteous pearl white colours that Young&Lazy had coming down the runway to bold intriguing designs, Baganda Khathini had sizzling down the runway.

Men’s fashion is most defiantly evolving within our borders. Eyes did indeed brighten up and jaws dropped with each piece of art that was showcased to the audience.

Things are most defiantly looking up in the South African fashion industry as we are seeing more and more designers designing garments that reflect the traditional attire in the diverse cultures that we have within our boarders and of course with some international inspiration.

It seems fairly simple to style a man but it is in that simplicity that gives room for exceptional creativity. Our designers are most defiantly making a statement with their designs for males. I simply cant wait for what our designers will be showing us in 5 months time. 

Just a little tip for you guys, remember that fashion is subjective express yourselves through your clothing the way you see fit. A lot of magazines will tell you the fashion do’s and do nots but I am going to simply tell you to keep doing you, BOO BOO, in the most unique way possible.