Bryson Tiller
Bryson Tiller

It must have been a few months ago when I caught onto Kentucky Loiusville’s Bryson Tiller’s wave and the first song from the genre-bending R&B artist’s catalogue I got to lend my ears to was ‘Don’t’. I was conjured by the song’s spirit and subsequently dug through the internet’s cracks for more Bryson Tiller soul-snatching tracks to vibe to with a potential significant other. I came across gems such as ‘Set You Free’, ‘Let Em Know’, and ‘Break Bread’. Sonically Bryson gels well with each beat he chooses to either rap or croon over, his vocals merging with the rhythm in
a magic-fueled synchronized manner. His lyrics are enough to make one believe in his craft. They are delivered confidently from a place of certainty, touching on issues such as his come-up in the music industry, female courtship, mild regrets, and aspirations he’d like to share with his female listeners. He recently released his debut project titled ‘T R A P S O U L’, a 14-track offering with production from the likes of Soulection’s JLouis, Sango, Syk Sense, and Timbaland. Standout tracks include ‘502 Come Up’, ‘Been That Way’, and ‘Right My Wrongs’. Be sure to check out
Bryson Tiller’s project on iTunes and stay glued to our page for more news on latest releases.

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