I recently learnt that if one wants to see the truth,one must be brave enough to look. If that’s the case this book will undoubtedly see it’s demise at the quickest pace known seeing as enlightenment has proven to be too taboo for the new school.
Needless to say like the book,this article is for those daring enough.

The Center Of It All
The Center Of It All

As I so proudly-and often- say “the brain is but a glass that cannot be filled” and The Centre of it All has time and again,with each statement acting as a paraphrased parable one can only expect tantalizing ‘I think I’m in love’ moments with this book.
A definite get-you-through-the-nighter. Calling upon all insomniacs,here’s something for your brain to chew on and it comes highly recommended by a fellow sister.

About the Author:

Harry J.H Ashburner is a theologian from Eastern Johannesburg, Kempton Park. A man who seemingly takes great pride in his work and has proven to be an inspiration to aspiring writers. He currently lives with his three children in his humble yet harmonious abode…After all how can a man who knows the truth ave any adversity?

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Thandie Magwaza