The Connec is a collaborative creative music project which draws inspiration from the young Africans of the yesteryear.

Presented by award-winning producer, Don Juan from Octave Couplet, who has created timeless sounds for the likes of Khuli Chana; Toya Delazy; HHP; Chiano Sky; Ross Jack – to name a few.

This new project showcases the following talented musicians: Denny Dugg; Mizo Phyll; Hydro; Black Dillinger; BKay; Percy P Postman and Gemini – with the first single being Post the Miz (feat Mizo Phyll and P Postman).

This particular song puts Limpopo on the map as the song is written predominately in the Venda language. This is Venda swag on that Trap sound, basically saying Don’t Doubt Us!

The team is busy in studios between CPT, Limpopo (Venda) and JHB under the guidance of the super production collective, Octave Couplet, putting together the final touches on their debut project.

The Connect

I have to put my two cents on this one. This track is pure genius, big ups.

Listen below. Download available after 20 000 plays on soundcloud.

For more info contact:

Twitter: @TConnec

Facebook: The-Connec

Instagram: theconnec