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According to the dictionary: Rap as a verb is speaking in rhymes and as a noun it’s rhythmic sounds. According to the “system”: Rap as a verb is when males speak in rhymes and as a noun is when females make rhythmic sounds. Thus, this has to change… why? Allow me to explain. Firstly a set of parts, things, or ideas that are organized to work together. A way of doing something is called a system. Now the definition of rap “systematically” highlights how males are viewed as the ones that can actually “do” rap, and females actually make “noise”, I mean sound.

Rap is viewed as intellectual property, the ability to express ones thoughts and emotions clearly and directly. This just feeds the notion that only a man can effectively communicate their views and opinions. Due to this factor, the factor being stereotyping. The rap game has been dominated by males, not just in numbers but also the opportunities given.

The chances of a man making it into the industry and sustaining a successful career are way higher than a women’s due to historical calculations from the “system”, but this is coming to an end.

In 2015 these calculations will be re-calculated in South Africa. The definition of rap will be re-defined, the hip-hop game will have new rules.

The definition of rap according to a person that believes women should be given the same rights, opportunities and status as man, a feminist views rap as a way of speaking in rhymes while making rhythmical sounds. This definition is being well documented into the “system” by a couple of ladies, that have not only been able to express their views and opinions effectively, but also have been able to clearly direct a new set of parts, things, or ideas that are organized to work together. A new way of doing something, a new system!

The following female rappers are one of many ladies that are re-defining the game and are sure to bring us flames in 2015 based on their previous actions are…

Here’s A List of the Top 3

Nadia Nakai – Saka Wena feat Ice Prince: is currently the reigning queen of SA hip hop.

Noni Zondi – Come Get It: shows some diversity by being a rapper, singer, dancer and model.

Gigi Lamayne -Ice Cream: is a teen female rap sensation

Therefore making a new definition of rap based on unbiased support of both male and female South African artists from all hip-hop lovers, breaking away from the old system and allowing no gender, age or race to dictate what is or what is not rap, good or bad.