Today, August the 9th, marks another National Holiday in South Africa — Women’s Day. A day particularly important in celebrating women and their significant role in our society where they can pursue freely what they desire, because of the governing laws within our country which promote equal rights and freedom of expression for all peoples.

This years theme is #MakeItStop, the focus of the campaign is firstly to spread awareness against women abuse and its societal implications that adversely affect individuals, communities and a nation. Secondly, to exhibit women through the use of artwork and design, and thirdly to educate fellow women on how important knowing their individual rights are and what they can do to protect themselves.

In their support of the campaign, YPICMedia have partnered with Recording Artist and Hip Hop rising star Touchline and various other artist from different walks of life to create songs and various artwork in our efforts to bring light upon the challenges women face and their struggle to find their identity in this largely male dominated world.

YPICMedia upholds women’s rights and is a proud sponsor of women’s organizations that seek to protect and preserve the identity of women, organizations such as RealGirls4Jesus, POWA and many others. To partner with us this year as we use art to celebrate women, simply use the hashtag #MakeItStop and #Heels&Shortomings in all your tweets on Women’s Day.

We have a song by Touchline for your listening pleasure titled “Heels & Shortcomings”. The song describes the trials, battles and pressures that a young women in our society faces to make the right choices, find her identity and succeed in her walk of life.

The link will be posted up later on today so stick around.

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