Has TSA finally delivered his breakout single?

TSA Tried To Tell 'Em Cover Art
The work of Zolile Mcelu, or better known by his stage name “TSA” doesn’t always lend it’s self to a radio-friendly catalog full of catchy singles. First to consider is the darkly produced, and mostly unhooky songs that have an introverted nature to them. His new single titled “Tried To Tell ‘Em” definitely has a “mainstream hit” element to it. Its easy-to-digest structure of bridge, hook and another bridge just again just to remind everyone that “we some mother****** kids” is as chant worthy as they come. While he goes on to say that he doesn’t “do this thing (music) for fun” the lyricism remains fully intact while looking to make some good money by “resurrecting his presidents” and getting his “Mandela’s to wake up”.

You can download TSA – Tried To Tell ‘Em here

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