After close to 18 years of being a backing artist to the likes of well know South African gospel group Worship House, Lufuno Dagada, Rofhiwa Manyaga, Avis, Lebo Tisane “Elle”, Mpho Regalo (late) , Bukiwe and many more…singer Tumi-B Mudau has finally gone solo from December 2015 when she had her very first Live Concert in Limpopo Venda.

With her first concert being a success in Limpopo, she decided her next stop is Pretoria, where she was born and bred. It is usually normal and easier to have a second concert than the first one but she says with her is actually the opposite, “I am scared as if I have never done this before. I will be ministering for the first time as Tumi-B in Pretoria to a totally new audience but I believe that through God we will prevail”.

Tum- B says the thought of launching solo was scary and exciting at the same time but she knew it was now time, “There came a time when I realised that I have now began a new chapter in my book of life and I couldn’t turn back. I had to ensure that I introduce my brand well with so much dignity.”


“Launching solo to me is a very big step, there comes a time when you need to allow yourself to be mentored by others, learn from them and serve through that I developed my talent and grew in character” said Tumi-B during interview with PXY and she added by saying the seed she has planted in many artist’s brands is bearing fruits “I have faithfully served for 18 years and I believe that the Lord will reward me for being loyal through serving for all those years.”

Tumi-B has been writing songs over the years and she believes it is time now to minister into people’s souls with all the songs she has written.

The “Uncapped Worship Live concert” will be happening in Pretoria Doxa Deo on the 2nd of April 2016, she says people can expect new songs, excellence, intimate worship (uncapped worship) and explosion of praise (uncapped praise), “I believe every person who is going to attend the show should get the best value of their money, people need to be taken seriously”

“We have put time and enough time preparing this event and every guest will be served a satisfactory spiritual dish…they must just come and be uncapped.”


For more details on the show:

Facebook page: Tumi-B or Tumi-b Mudau

Instagram: @Tumib31

Twitter:  @Tumibmudau